Project Description




Carrot + Kale is a health conscious bar offering fruit and vegetable pressed juices, smoothies, hot beverages, and vegan whole food offerings. Their drinks are made to order and it’s clear upon first sip that what you are consuming is not only damn delicious but really good for you.


One surprising challenge we discovered during the process was all the kale haters out there. We’re not sure the source of aversion of this delicious cruciferous veggie, but it’s considered a super food and we enjoyed making it more palatable for the brand. Another important consideration in designing their logo and brand identity was to make it cohesive and complementary to their family brands – Bartelt Holistic Health and Olive & Iris.


In creating the logo, we took inspiration from their ingredients and came up with something fresh, high quality and clean, just like their menu options. The colors are softened to complement the naturally-lit space that is shared with Bartelt Holistic Health. We branded the exterior windows for fun signage and to bring attention to their slightly hidden and slightly underground space. Being in the downstairs floor of a historic building, the windows to the cafe were level with the street and we found a fun way to make them pop with large graphics of fresh fruits and veggies, once again reinforcing their brand identity obsessed with clean, whole and delicious ingredients.  

Carrot & Kale Design
Carrot & Kale Smoothies