Create a Visionary Brand Identity System with Authenticity & Style

Benefits of Our Brand Identity

Lead with Vision to build an authentic brand identity that tickles your customer’s hearts and marinates in their minds

ELEVATE Brand Culture

Energize your team, strengthen employee engagement and enhance talent acquisition by leading with clear vision and strong values

Align with your Audience

Connect with your target audiences through meaningful messages crafted with a clear voice, personality and beautiful brand style


Learn your industry brandscape and how you differentiate to position your brand for the bold vision ahead

Brand Identity Portfolio

Check out a fragment of our creative brand identity work

Brand Identity Testimonial

Collaboration is at the core of our brand identity work.

“We used Drew and Hype’s creative team for our Brewery rebranding. He was responsive and very creative in designing the theme we were looking for. I highly recommend their creative team.”

Dan Dringoli, President


Brand Identity Process

Crafting Unique Identities: The Journey from the Brand Vision to the Visual Impact


We listen, learn, research & understand your vision and values to unearth your story to learn your brand purpose. 


We distill discovery insights, and define your brand’s position in the marketplace.


Your vision takes form in strategic concepts and messages, crafted to resonate with your audience.


We curate visuals to communicate your brand narrative, forming an identity that speaks volumes.

Brand Identity Assets - Jeepney

Brand Identity Assets

It takes a visionary brand strategy to craft bold & authentic brand identity systems.

Logo Design

A logo is not a brand, but will elevate your brand’s visual identity. We create custom logos customized for the versatility of today’s marketing world. 

color & Font

We bring together beautiful color ways and swanky font pairings to give your brand style, personality and authenticity.

Brand Guide

Your comprehensive brand identity guide, brings together your key brand messaging with your brand style to give you a cohesive brand identity system.

Brand Assets

We collaborate to create beautiful brand assets to revamp your marketing and bridge connections from the web to the streets and the spaces beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Brand Questions? Perhaps we got a brand answer. Below is a our FAQ specifically designed to help elevate your brand knowledge.

An authentic brand identity system begins with a brand strategy and the finished work includes a system of cohesive branded communication assets that work together to connect your brand to your people.

The brand identity system starts with brand strategy to find your position in the market. The brand communication strategy deliverables include brand position, brand personality, creative direction, brand style & brand voice. The brand identity deliverables may begin with your brand name. They include responsive logo designs, a brand tagline, key messaging hierarchy, brand colors, brand fonts, brand icons, brand textures or backgrounds. Some brands benefit from additional assets like patterns, illustrations, custom lettering, monograms, wordmarks, brand story, alternative logos, brand mascots, photo styling or more. Together these brand assets are the foundation + the structure of all of your brand’s communications. The brand strategy should be applied in all of your external + internal communications channels to align your messages with your people.

A brand is much more than a logo. A brand is the meaning people associate with a business and its offerings. A brand encompasses the perceptions, emotions, and sensory experiences customers in their journey with your company. 

A good brand is an authentic, recognizable, memorable and shareable identity that sets a business apart and connects with its audience.

Branding is the process of communicating trust and meaning associated with a business. It’s about defining and applying a cohesive voice, look and feel to marketing efforts. Good branding goes beyond the marketing room to encompasses company culture through employee engagement, retention, acquisition, investment, leadership, experience and more. Branding aims to create an elevated identity making it easier for customers to engage, trust, support and endorse your business.

A brand strategy is the process to create your position in the market. It helps define your creative direction, brand position and the collective brand vision to differentiate and align your brand with your customers ears, their wants, their needs and emotions.  is a comprehensive plan aimed at achieving long-term business objectives by connecting consumer needs, emotions, competition, and the business’s vision. This strategy ensures your brand’s relevance and far-reaching meaning, fostering memorable customer engagement. The process involves research, sociology, psychology, marketing, messaging, storytelling, and visual identity creation, including logo design, illustration, and color theory.

A brand strategy consists of 8 key components: Internal Brand Culture, Brand Audience, Competitive Analysis, Brand Position Strategy, Brand Personality, Brand Name, Brand Messaging Framework, and Visual Identity System. These core components of distilled knowledge can be gathered from research, surveys, interviews, workshops, and collaboration. The deliverables work together to form a cohesive brand, ensuring a consistently impactful presence in the market. The brand strategy lays the groundwork to develop an impactful brand identity, brand messaging, and apply it through customized creative communication channels.

To create a brand identity, we create a brand that’s stylistically positioned for the audience(s) we want to connect with. The creative direction guides us to the visual brand style, voice & personality. We choose a meaningful and memorable brand name. We craft a messaging strategy, slogan and hierarchy that focuses on impactful, memorable, and relatable messages with a brand story that can evoke emotional connections with your audience.

We also build your visual brand identity with the brand style that reflects the position you want to achieve in the marketplace. Your visual identity includes a responsive logo design for a fluid brand designed for all the physical places and digital spaces. Your brand identity should be crafted as vector graphics so they’re build for all the technical communication needs. As your brand designers we will carry your visual style through all the minutia and dorky details that will elevate your brand

A strong brand voice combined with meaningful messages and a beautiful visual identity will create an engaging brand personality to connect with your people in all the right places.

Millions of brands are spending billions of dollars to do everything they can to garner our attention. A strong brand identity will cut through the noise and help you connect with your people in authentic ways. Brand identity will also differentiate and position your company’s communication amongst all the clutter. Our brain’s only retain and remember a finite amount of information. A brand identity can create an authentic brand personality that is recognizable, memories that are shareable and connections that are emotional.