Creative Brand Strategy

Craft brand strategies with purpose and ignite your connections

Benefits of Our Brand Strategy

Grow your reach with a brand that is Authentic, Recognizable, Memorable, Meaningful and Shareable

BRAND Position

Differentiate from competitors by strategically positioning your brand to stand out and share your authentic story


Strong values show authenticity, personality and humanity allowing you to create stronger and more meaningful connections


Develop a memorable brand that resonates with your supporters to encourage shareability and strengthen brand loyalty

Brand Strategy Work

Strong strategies build beautiful brands

Brand Strategy Testimonials

Collaboration is at the core of how we work

“The Hype creative team went deep to discover the nuances of our brand, our values and purpose and combined this knowledge with the industry landscape  to position Offbeat Press in an authentic way that allowed us to grow with ease, by being our creative selves. With the brand strategy we built together our new brand identity positioned us to grow organically without needing to rely on paid advertising.”


Offbeat Press

Hype word map

Brand Strategy Process

A visionary brand strategy is a collaboration. We listen, learn, distill, draw, develop and design authentic brand strategies.

Brand Discovery

We listen, read & learn to understand the culture and values that lead your brand vision


Together we trace your brand values to distill and define your brand purpose


We learn your industry to differentiate and position your brand for your strengths


We embrace your brand personality to create your authentic voice, visuals and creative style 

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Brand Strategy Questions? We’ve got brand strategy answers. Check out our FAQ section for the most common inquiries about our brand strategy services.

Brand Strategy is a strategic plan that works to align your brand purpose with your messaging, visual identity and the way you market your brand. We develop brand strategies based on these core components: Internal Culture, Brand Audience, Competitive & Industry Analysis, Brand Position & Brand Personality. Each of these core components are an integral part of a cohesive brand strategy. The brand strategy is brought to life through the Brand Name, Brand Messaging, the Visual Brand Identity System and through every marketing and brand collateral touchpoint.

A strong Brand Strategy helps differentiate your brand from your competition to build brand recognition, trust, and loyalty, which is designed to drive organic customer conversions. A strong strategy helps share your authentic personality, get recognized for your individuality, be memorable in the marketplace, have a meaningful impact and be easily shared on the web and in the wild.

Hype goes deep to learn the nuances of your brand, your purpose, your values, your mission and your vision ahead. We also take a high level viewpoint of your competitive brandscape to learn how your competitors are positioned, see trends and find opportunities to differentiate and connect with your core audience. With a strong strategy, we are prepared to create a meaningful and beautiful brand identity that aligns your brand values and your customers values. Our goal is to create brands that are authentic, recognizable, meaningful, memorable and shareable. Strong brand identities start with an impactful brand strategy.

The timeline can vary, but a comprehensive Brand Strategy typically takes 6 weeks to 3 months. Some brands may want to do additional market research with their core consumer audience to create a deeper understanding of the values that are most important to them. Nonprofit strategies may take a little longer.

We define brand culture as the internal values that lead the business and the brand’s internal decision making, including the mission, vision, values and the value proposition. This can also be defined as a collection of your values, your people and your internal actions.

A strong internal brand culture helps attract talented people and improve employee retention, employee engagement, productivity, belonging, wellbeing and overall happiness. We advocate for engaging internal stakeholders at all levels and backgrounds for inclusion and maximum support of your new and improved brand.

Target market is the group of customers that are most likely to support your brand and purchase your product or service. Your target market is divided into different target audiences and generally defined by age, gender, income, location, interests or a myriad of other factors. External market research and analysis provide the most thorough understanding of an organization’s total target market and target audiences.

We determine brand positioning based on a variety of factors. Brand positioning is influenced by your authentic purpose, internal culture, target audiences, the competitive landscape, industry factors and marketplace opportunities. The goal is to differentiate you amongst your competition so your brand is recognizable, memorable and shareable. 

The brand personality is the accumulation of the your brand values and authentic characteristics that make your brand unique. Brand personality includes the visual style, the brand voice and the values behind it. Brand personality can be applied to the way your employees dress, the way they answer the phone and interior design of your office.

Brand voice is an extension of the brand personality. The brand voice includes tone, messaging style, lexicon, level of professionalism and appropriate colloquialisms. Brand voice is developed based on who you are, your target audience and how your brand is positioned in the market.

We work to write brand messaging that reaches people’s hearts because most consumer decisions are emotional, gut decisions. We want to connect through shared values, with a unique personality and original messaging. We want to be authentic to our clients by being and sounding real to your personality and to your customers. It’s our goal to articulate your brand voice and tell your brand story so it’s aligned to your brand. We want to connect you with people that share your values. We use brand messaging to differentiate and align with your target audience through differentiation and shared values.

Brand style is an extension of a brand’s personality. Like humans, brands can be styled in infinite ways – but not every brand style looks good and some styles aren’t very effective at reaching your brand’s target audience. We determine your brand style based on input from your key stakeholders paired with how best to reach the target market, opportunities in the marketplace and your  differentiation and positioning strategy.