Cohesive Branding

Weave our branding services across your communication channels

Benefits of Authentic Branding

Create a beautiful identity that is authentic, recognizable, meaningful and shareable


Consistent storytelling gets remembered through repetition and recognition

BUILD Confidence

Communicate your story with clarity, consistency and cohesion


Meaningful messages build beautiful identities with deeper connections

Branding Portfolio

Check out a sample collection of fun projects like Appleton Beer Factory and others!

We Value Our Brand Partners

Let’s collaborate to create visuals that resonates

Singing Bowl Chef Branding Testimonial

“Hype has designed multiple identities and imagery for my businesses. I absolutely loved them and know my marketing is in check because of their team and creative talents. Highly recommend their work!”


Singing Bowl Chef

Our Branding Process

Our methodology is collaborative, strategic, engaging and effective


First, the process begins with an understanding of your culture, values, industry, and audience.


Next, strategy guides your differentiators and helps position your identity for growth.


Build original stories that share your values with personality, style and swagger.


Ultimately, design for clarity, consistency and cohesion across your communication channels.

Detailed Branding Perspectives

Build awareness across ever-changing communication channels in your industry


Guide legacy visual evolution with modern shifts to build on past success.


Professional insights to sustain a robust identity influence in your sector.


Customized creative strategy aligned with your vision will deliver results.


Align naming, tagline development, storytelling and core messaging for success.

Commonly Asked Queries

Looking for branding answers? We’re here to help. Peruse our FAQ section for frequent inquiries about our creative services.

Branding essentials

It begins with a strategy to differentiate and position yourself for your values and your audience. External identity work incorporates every public touchpoint from creating a unique name, logo, tone, messaging, and design that symbolizes your enterprise. It encompasses print, digital, environmental, experiential and others.

Branding helps position and distinguish an identity to connect with the appropriate target audience. Also, when done right there, values are shared and connections fortify customer allegiance, and amplify enterprise value.

Scope determines the cost of the project. Additionally, most branding projects are billed at a project price, but we also offer retainer contracts, depending on what makes the most sense for the project. Please, reach out for a tailored quote.

More details

We work with an array of business sectors. Naturally, we like working with forward-thinking brands and leaders and we have the most experience in these industries: food, beverage vertical from farming to restaurant, beverage producers and retail.

First, branding can be done in various project scopes  with timing contingent on complexity. An average initiative may take 2-8 weeks depending on project size, complexity and current workload. However, it should always be considered and implemented into all communication channels.

You will collaborate with a devoted project manager and you may also strategist and our talented creative director depending on the project scopee.