What is Branding?

Branding is the basis of what we do as a brand agency. This is who your business is. With consistency, you give the consumer a clear scope of who you are. You can use it for any platform. This includes social media, merchandise, product and package design, email marketing, and other content. We have a complete process to discover what works for your business every time. 
Appleton Beer Factory Merchandise
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The Process

Our process is simple. We use the 4 D’s; Discover, define, develop, and design. We have to go through each of these steps to get to merchandising.

Hype Visual begins by asking questions, listening and learning. Our goal is to learn about your brand. This means learning about your leaders, the mission you’re on and the vision ahead. Through internal research and collaboration, we become the eye in the sky to see the past, present and future. Once we capture the big picture of your brand orbit, we return, we ground ourselves and turn inward to explore the particles you’re made of. We sample your blood, explore your mind and feel your inner drive. Seeking to discover the third eye of your brand. We want your story, your reasons, your values and your true purpose.

Oshkosh's Bare Bones Brewery Merchandise
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Data Analysis & Distilled Knowledge

We take the collective data and observations to our digital labs for analysis. Hype Visual analyzes the connections between your brand, your business, your customers, your industry, and your competitors to find opportunity gaps. We poke, prod and distill our discoveries. We put our findings under the microscope to see the knowledge within. We formulate strategic solutions, test our hypotheses and compare our results to find clarity in your purpose. Our focus is defined and we position your brand for the direction forward.

Oshkosh Food Co-Op Brand Design
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Creative Concepts & Meaningful Messages 

The creative process takes shape as we develop concepts, sketches, messages and models. We craft meaningful messages by aligning your brand with the people you serve, new opportunities and effective marketing mediums. We focus our communications to break through conventional barriers and reach your people at an emotional level. Through continued collaboration we refine our work to reach the hearts of your people. This is the promise of an experience that transcends all customer facing aspects of your company. We keep our vision focused on developing the creative assets to deliver your authentic brand experience.

Appleton Solar Brand Design
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Design Application & Emotional Activation

Once we reach the design stage, we have your brand figured out. We dork out on compositions, eye flow, imagery, hierarchy, fonts, colors, line weight and spacing so we can curate the experience, engagement and actions ahead. This creates cohesion between marketing mediums to deliver consistency to your customers. Through our creative collaboration and your marketing commitment, we can attract new audiences and activate your people. Your brand can launch and lead with confidence and trust in the direction we’ve designed.

We keep your merchandise true to you. Throughout this process, we have defined your brand to the point where we can simply optimize the brand to its maximum potential. Your brand is unlimited and we want to show that to you. Allow us to maximize your brand to the point where people want to buy retail products with your brand on them.

T-shirt Design brand designs for Offbeat Press in Oshkosh
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