Hype Visual creates beautiful brands & meaningful messaging for forward-thinking founders and mission-driven businesses and organizations. Our work helps good people grow, thrive, flourish and overcome creative challenges. We are creators at our core and visionaries in our hearts. We are a creative agency working at the intersection of creativity + community + culture. Our primary services include brand strategy, brand identity, logo design, branding design, illustration, storytelling, experiential design and creative consulting, but we actually do a lot more.

Our Team has a passion for creating bold brands that rise above the noise toward a bigger vision. We are collaborative in our work so we can make strong connections with the people we serve and the people you serve. It’s our job to understand you, so we can show the world the best of you and help your people better understand the depths of you.

We’ve created work across the marketing spectrum and won some trivial awards along the way. We’ve cut our teeth and cracked some bones to build strong businesses with people that give a damn. From the businesses we started, to the ones we’ve consulted, Hype has two decades of creative, consulting, growth & entrepreneurship experience. Drew and Dez build a strong team, originally as the creative office at Offbeat Press and now as Hype Visual. Drew sold Offbeat Press in 2021 and separated the Hype creative office with designer, illustrator & visual lead – Dez Forgét. Together we leverage strategy to create brands that are authentic, recognizable, meaningful and shareable. Let’s create with vision, for a better tomorrow.


Meet the Creative Team

Photo of Drew Mueske - Wisconsin Creative Strategist, Brand Strategist, Logo Designer, Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Drew Mueske


Drew is a food snob, an instigator & a creative problem solver that drifts between social circles. He regularly enjoys time in nature. With luck you might find him paddling the Kickapoo river, hiking a boreal forest or camping in the Driftless region. He makes regular trips near and far to explore new places, people and cultures. He can be spotted at a myriad of street festivals, gallery nights, indie music shows and startup events. It’s not uncommon to see him at your favorite local restaurant, bar or brewery enjoying the experience and friends with research along the way. Drew makes time to cook and yarden always with the end goal of a delicious meal. His personal creative work include drawing, painting and growing the creative economy.

At Hype Visual, Drew leads marketing-fueled strategy with authenticity & beauty & meaningful brands reach their VISION.

From Founder, Creative Director, CMO to Creative Consultant Drew is not short on creative ideas for brands of all sizes. Drew has started a few mission-driven businesses & organizations in his 20 years of professional experience, working various roles including: strategy, creative direction, management, operations, branding, copywriting, illustration, photography, web design, SEO, digital marketing & production. He cut his teeth through his previous business ventures Offbeat Press, Tee Forward, his clothing brand Progress Label & thousands of independent client projects. 

His first business venture began at age 22 with the creation of Progress Label clothing. During the same time, Drew sharpened his skills as an Art Director at a respected, food-focussed advertising agency. In his early 20s he managed creative campaigns for Lipton, Blue Bunny, Culver’s & Tom’s Drive In amongst other projects.

As Drew grew his clothing label, he came to learn the screen printing industry.

A combination of events led him to open the first eco-friendly screen print shop in the Midwest. Offbeat began as a micro, manual print shop at the height of the 2008 economic recession. By 2011 Drew had bought out both partners & expanded the business from its meager beginnings.

By 2016 Drew led a significantly larger expansion with community investment. The new expansion needed a fresh marketing campaign to fuel the investment.  Drew leveraged Offbeat’s competitive niche & differentiation with a fresh brand strategy and brand identity to position the business for substantial growth. Led by new marketing efforts, Offbeat grew with an organic trajectory of nearly 25% per year until he moved on. This business growth renewed Drew’s interest in helping other businesses and organizations reach their goals. After 13 years , Drew made a successful exit – selling the growing print shop to a small investment company. With the sale of Offbeat Press, Drew separated the creative office to focus on his creative strengths & passions through Hype Visual.

Desiree Mae Forget- Wisconsin designer, illustrator artist and logo designer

Desirée Forgét


Dez designs for Hype from her at-home studio in Milwaukee, with her fur-babies by her side. She has worked with Drew offering design services for eight years, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design (UW Oshkosh). Having skills in both the digital & studio world allows for a wide range of creativity & style.

She believes that everything is art – That there is endless inspiration in all forms without even having to search for it.

Her personal artwork, interior design style, music taste & fashion sense all reflect her passions & the art forms of all periods of history that she is drawn to. Maximalist intricacy, industrial modernism, abstract minimalism, global, raw & earthy, highbrow, lowbrow, masculine, feminine…

Many would consider these extremities to clash, but she strategically finds ways to have them blend in harmony through physical art forms & liquid personal expression.

Hand lettering, custom typography, brand identity & illustration are her favorite areas of design.

In the short span of warmer months in Wisconsin, Dez likes to limit time spent on screens & instead spends as much time as possible in nature through hiking, camping, & walking her dog around local parks & charming neighborhoods. Her other hobbies include exploring new cities & experiencing how the locals live. She spends a lot of time visiting antique & vintage shops, music venues, bakeries, coffee shops, & global eats (huge foodie here).

In the colder months she enjoys recharging as much as possible in her home sanctuary through embracing a slow-living lifestyle by learning home skills & hands-on crafts such as gardening, baking, furniture restoration, interior renovations & many more. When it’s a really lazy evening, she loves watching documentaries, horror films, Portlandia, music videos & KEXP live music sessions.

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