We Sure Would Like Your Input!


Hype Visual conducted a community wide survey about community healthcare options in the Oshkosh area. We really appreciate all of the community input! We sought general information and all survey respondents remained anonymous. Community input was collected and used to help guide an established business in our area transition their business model. We appreciated the community involvement and we are randomly selected ten survey respondents to receive $20 gift cards to local establishments in gratitude for their input. You can add your input by taking the Community Healthcare Survey.

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Hype Community Gives Marketing Grant for Under-served businesses


Hype Visual is a creative branding agency, working across Wisconsin. We are creative entrepreneurs with high standards and big hearts. We’re giving back to our community because we give a damn. We’ve long partnered with community organizations to give back and make an impact and now we are extending our giving to a local business. Hype Visual is offering a $5,000 marketing grant to a hardworking and under-resourced business in our community.

The purpose of this grant is to increase the marketing capacities of a local business by providing customized creative branding to a business in need. The branding package will be customized according to the business’ needs, but can include a variety of strategic, creative & marketing services for new or existing businesses. The grant application will be posted to the Hype Visual website ( in the Spring of 2023.

Contact us with the link below to be the first to know when the grant goes live and to learn more about the Hype Gives marketing grant.