Project Description




Colorbold Collective began as a vision for a community space. The vision was to create a space where community members could gather and commune, but also to increase equity in economic opportunities to marginalized groups, represent diverse businesses, and provide educational programming in racial literacy. Part of the mission of the space was to spark important and necessary conversations to create bridges across different groups of people and to be colorbold, the antithesis of being colorblind, a phenomena of not recognizing the unique cultural traits and lived experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).


Colorbold Collective was the reborn name of Fit Oshkosh, a local nonprofit organization focused on race equity. The origin of the name Fit Oshkosh came from the vision to live in a community where people feel they “fit” in, no matter their racial identity. However, upon hearing the name of the organization, most assumed a fitness or exercise group.


When rebranding an already established identity, it is important to define the core of the entity. The name Colorbold Collective was chosen because the organization emphasized the need to be bold in recognizing the beauty of diversity. What was unique about this process was that the organization surveyed about 200 community members during their annual fundraiser through a live, online survey and Colorbold Collective was the most popular of the options. It was the collective choice. Although the organization closed before a final logo was chosen, the experience was a good practice of conscious design – using design to not only conceptualize but also elevate a social issue, of which we were proud of our involvement.

Color Bold Collective logo with orange, black, and green background
Color Bold Collective Logo
Color Bold Collective Logo
COBOCO logo with colorful background