Project Description




Takiza is a locally owned Mexican restaurant adjacent to the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh campus. They’ve been recognized as some of the best quality Mexican food in the area, with recipes and techniques being passed down from the owner’s mama’s kitchen in Mexico and others gained from his expansive work in Mexican restaurants in various parts of the US.


Starting a business near campus presents its own set of challenges. The brand must appeal to a young adult audience but they also serve the greater community. There are also several other established Mexican restaurants in town and in the region, so it was important to differentiate Takiza from others in the Mexican restaurant niche.


Takiza literally means ‘taco feast’ in Spanish. Where there’s a fiesta, there’s a feast. Imagining a taco party is a wonderful (and muy rico) place to start brainstorming. To embrace a festive vibe, a colorful personified cactus holding tacos was created as their logo. We also created a custom display font for their Takiza wordmark and a color palette that includes element of Mexican culture. These themes were carried out in their brand collateral, signage and menus, and as they make plans to grow, we look forward to more taco feasts!

Takiza Mexican Cuisine logo with cream background
Takiza Cactus circular icon
Takiza Cactus circular cream icon
Mexican Cuisine sign
Takiza Weekly Special menu design
Handmade Tortillas - Made Everyday Fresh signs
Takiza Mexican Cuisine building design
Takiza Late Night Menu design
Takiza Mexican Cuisine Weekly Special Sign