Project Description




The Local Food Fair is a celebration of local food farmers, producers, and eateries in central Wisconsin. It brings public awareness to the local food market through a celebratory gathering. The event typically takes place mid-winter and serves as an opportunity for farmers to engage new customers for the upcoming growing season. It also allows for food producers to connect and showcase their products. The Local Food Fair involves restaurants through a couple different avenues, including a judged food competition. Breweries, wineries and distilleries are also participants in these festivities and of course, there is an available on-site bar! This fair features activities and fun for all ages, all food enthusiasts who appreciate sustainability and supporting their local community. 


In designing this event identity, the creative team really delved into all the various elements of these festivities and incorporated them all in a collage of smaller icons in a greater barn illustration. Being that the event is organized by Central Rivers Farmshed, it was important to incorporate farm elements into the graphic. The Meatsteak dinner had its own sub-identity as a fundraiser for the event. The daytime event and dinner fundraiser festivities were alluded cohesively inside the barn illustration in a color palette that was inviting and fun. It was important in the Discovery part of the process to learn about the different aspects of the event and understand the important parts of the program to create the graphics to fit into the event and barn illustration. Hype Creative took the existing brand identity of the organization and integrated the Farmshed logo to create a beautiful set of graphics that were used in a variety of media formats to promote a wonderful celebration of the local community. 

Local Food Fair - Sentry World - Feb. 17th - Come One. Come All.
Local Food Fair Artwork - Sentry World -Feb. 17th
Local Food Fair Artwork Banner - Meat Steak Dinner - No Forks. No knives. Just an Apron & A Lot of Ale.