Project Description




Tee Forward was created by serial entrepreneur Drew Mueske, owner of Hype Visual and founder of Offbeat Press. He started the social enterprise after working with 150+ nonprofit clients and witnessing their consistent struggles and desire for sustainable fundraising. Tee Forward created a disruptive business model design by flipping the process – allowing for nonprofits to create campaigns and pre-sell merch with zero upfront investment. The business model used a crowd-fundraising approach to support nonprofit merch campaigns that would increase fundraising, marketing and community support. By utilizing a pre-sale model, the nonprofit organization could offer multiple shirt styles and colors so individuals could choose their preferred size, color and style, increasing their choices, comfort and overall quality.


As an offspring of Offbeat Press, Tee Forward employed the same values of high quality apparel produced by eco-conscious methods. All apparel was American-made, with organic and recycled fabric options and printed with water-based inks. This elevated Tee Forward from other mass-produced apparel screen printers and the few crowdfunding companies in the marketplace. Clients had the additional resources of the Hype Visual creative team of talented designers to create retail quality apparel designs, which Hype was already doing. Drew leveraged his knowledge of brand strategy to support his clients’ campaigns to appeal to their target base and increase their funding.


The Tee Forward logo encompassed the top outline of a tee shirt, along with an upward pointing arrow. The ink droplet and the same shade of green from the Offbeat Press icon were included to allude to its cousin company. The logo and fonts chosen were clean, modern and simple, to represent the eco-friendly practices, modern business model, and simplicity of the process for the clients.

Brand Strategy, Logo Design and Brand Identity Design for Tee Forward
Tee Forward Brand Strategy and Branding
Wear Change is Made Tagline Design and T-shirt Design for Tee Forward
Wear Change is Made Tagline Illustration and T-shirt Design for Tee Forward
Tee Forward Color scheme design
Website Design and Brand Strategy for Tee Forward
Create. Elevate. Activate. Process design infographic by Hype Visual
Brand Strategy, Website Design and Branding for Tee Forward and Planned Parenthood of WI
Eco-Friendly Water-based inks by Tee Forward print shop
Organic Shirts Icon Design for Tee Forward print shop