Project Description




Olive & Iris Botanicals offers natural, handcrafted body and health care products. Formulations are inspired by the founder’s extensive study and expertise of traditional Chinese Medicine, the medicinal properties of plants and their role in nurturing and healing the body. Olive & Iris Botanicals uses high quality herbs that are customized for specific health benefits.


Olive & Iris Botanicals is the endeavor of an acupuncturist, who also owns Bartelt Holistic Health. The name of Olive & Iris was inspired by the names of the founder’s two daughters and it was important to keep their unique personalities in the branding. Another part of the challenge was to create a logo that would complement the wellness boutique space and the existing brand of Bartelt Holistic Health and the adjacent juice bar that all share a greater space. 


The use of a handwritten font for Olive gives the brand a softer, feminine look, while Iris is clean and minimal, aligned with the brand’s approach to the ingredients in their products and characteristics of the people they represent. Together the names are balanced – a vital goal of eastern medicine practices – to be balanced in yin and yang energies in our body systems. The colors are borrowed from the Bartelt Holistic Health brand identity, to further deepen the connection of these family brands. The plant icons represent the natural ingredients and enhance the logo for an overall feel of beauty, health and wellness.  

Olive & Botanicals Logo design
Olive & Iris Botanicals Packaging design
Olive & Iris Botanicals Secondary logo design
Olive & Iris Botanicals Packaging design
Olive & Iris logo rough sketches
Olive & Iris Botanicals Packaging design