Project Description




Thunderbird Bakery is the manifestation of two creatives and their passion for quality through sourdough breads and handcrafted pastries for the local community. From seasonal galettes to pain au chocolate to sourdough dinner rolls, all their offerings are super delicious and Thunderbird Bakery regularly sells out of their best known baked offerings.


The thunderbird is associated with Native American folklore and is believed to create thunder by flapping its wings.  Its imagery is powerful, fierce and almost intimidating.  How then do you weave this mighty iconic creature into a bakery logo, whose products start as soft, pliable dough?  


We bridged the contrasts by creating a thunderbird with wheat tail feathers. Wisconsin wheat is resilient and hardy, withstanding frigidity. The strong angles of the brand symbolize the fortitude of the family namesake and the resilience of the wheat plant through cold Wisconsin winters. Thunderbird Bakery delights in deploying difficult pastry techniques that require skillful, hearty handwork. Because the thunderbird originated in Indigenous oral traditions, Hype was inspired and inclusive of Native stylistic elements. Warm, muted earth tones from architecture, textiles, and jewelry were some of the sources of inspiration from their New Mexico family roots. The pop of turquoise alludes to the magical and potent properties believed to be held by this gem in Native cultures.

Thunderbird Bakery logo
Thunderbird Bakery logo with cream background
Thunderbird Bakery Business Card design
Thunderbird Bakery product images
Thunderbird Bakery logo design sketches