Project Description

Bare Bones Brewery



Bare Bones is a microbrewery set on the Wiouwash Trail near Lake Butte des Morts in Wisconsin. The first craft brewery to open in the Oshkosh, WI area in 20 years, Bare Bones offers year-round and seasonal taps. The location is not only perfect as a stop for hikers, walkers and bikers along the trail but to anyone who likes to pair their beer with some fresh air or likes to bring their best furry friend along for the fun.


With a name like Bare Bones, it was clear that a dog was going to be a central focus in the branding. As the name suggests, their location takes a simple, no-frills ease to their approach. Bare Bones previously used a variety of logo variations that included their beloved pup. The challenge then was to create a consistent and cohesive brand identity that conveyed a laid-back tone, complementing the rustic setting but with the adventurous spirit of their prized pup.  


The iconic dog image is based on their beloved pit bull, Irie. To tighten their branding strategy and marketing, Hype refined and solidified their images and color schemes. To match the rustic setting of their tap room, neutral earth tones was the inspiration for their brand hues as well. The logo typography was intentionally soft but imperfect on the edges and texture was added to the lettering to reinforce the brewery’s rustic location. With the foresight of understanding this brewery’s capacity to grow, Hype helped create cohesive looks for their packaging, merchandise and future beer creations. Within 2.5 years of our rebrand, Bare Bones Brewery expanded to open a second location where they continue to carry out canine-inspired beers.