Create meaningful brand engagement with original event branding

Benefits of Event Branding

Make your event shine with branding that lasts the life of your event

Strengthen brand Awareness

First, create beautiful materials that shares your values and resonates with your target audience

Increase event ENGAGEMENT

Next, engage your audience with authentic brand touchpoints designed to elevate attendee experience

Enhance the Experience

Make your brand stand out before, during and after the event through new memories and shareable moments


Event Branding Portfolio

Elevating Experiences with Authenticity and Impact

Event Branding Testimonials

Understand: collaboration is at the core of our creative work


"We couldn't have done it without you! We are
so lucky to have you as a friend of the Shelter."

Molly Y

Event Branding: Streets of Hope, Day By Day Shelter Image

Event Branding Process

Here’s a glimpse of how we create beautiful visual experiences


We listen, learn and research to understand your event’s unique value


Then, we connect your unique event with the target audience we want to engage


Our team crafts compelling event identity, with event logo, messaging and more


Consequently, we design impactful marketing collateral to drive awareness and attendance

Event Branding Assets

Hype Visual will create authentic and comprehensive experience-specific imagery.


First, stand out, be authentic and differentiate with an original name, personality, and style


We’ll create a beautiful identity with unique graphic feelings that will help your experience stand apart


Nex, we package your responsive identity system into a strategic guide for a cohesive and actionable look and feel


Finally, we share business critical assets or create your custom marketing and  memorable vibe

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Event Branding Questions? Well, we’ve have the answers. Check out our FAQ section for the most common inquiries about our services.

Event Branding Essentials

Event branding involves creating an identity that is Authentic, Recognizable, Meaningful and Shareable. Also, it begins with the strategy, personality, naming, messaging, logo and visual identity.

First, the importance of strong experiential branding lies in creating memorable marketing and memorable moments for all parties involved. Additionally, this often includes the business or organization behind the engagement, attendees and often other partners or sponsors.

Creating memorable experiences involves many elements from good branding, marketing, planning, partners, organization and communication for the right target audience. Oftentimes, we begin by creating strategies and branding that can lead marketing and organizational decisions before, during and after the experience.

Effective branding combined with strong marketing will increase community awareness, improve targeted guest engagement, and boost attendance.

First, to create successful branding it’s important to begin with a strategy that aligns the engagement organizers with the target audience and includes the right partnerships. Also, it’s important to apply cohesive elements across all communication channels and marketing mediums.

Usually, a memorable brand requires a cohesive strategy. Oftentimes, the strategy includes differentiation & positioning to know where and how your engagement fits in the event landscape. Ultimately, when these are pieces are put together, you can create an event that is authentic, recognizable, memorable and shareable.

Additional Information

Initially, to create a unique experience it’s important to create guidelines that include knowing your competition and how you differentiate. Importantly, align your strategy with the target audience you want to attract.

1) Host an event where all food and beverages are locally-sourced from partners, themed & named to conceptually align with the community. Provide mini marketing opportunities for those partners.

2) Next, we create a custom cake (or other item) made to match the cake that was humorously featured as setting a person’s beard on fire in the marketing materials.

Truly, the pandemic shifted many engagements to go online in 2020-2022, but brands recognize the importance of personal connection and physicality. Also, online events will continue to be more popular, but they will never replace the immersive experience of being live and in person. 

Ultimately, to create a great event experience, you need to impress your event attendees at every touchpoint beginning with the branding, through ticketing and registration, and the unique experiences throughout the event.

Experiential marketing is the act of engaging an individual in a unique marketing experience that actively or passively markets the brand. Experiential marketing can take place in person or digitally.

Awesome experiential marketing needs to align an exciting and memorable customer experience with the brand that’s being marketed. Being authentic, meaningful and shareable can help take any marketing experience from good to awesome.