Project Description




We are proud of the fact that many nonprofits reach out to us and inquire of services – we have always been community champions and involved in a diverse array of social impact causes.  So when Fit Oshkosh contacted us and asked for help with marketing their annual fundraiser dinner, we were all in.  Their theme of “Creating Spaces” was aligned with the pulse of the social current of the time – to create safe, inclusive spaces where people could feel seen, heard and cared for.


We offered the suggestion of bringing a human element to the fundraiser poster design and incorporated the board president’s daughter along with two of her classmates.  We knew one of the main events at the dinner would be the announcement for plans of creating a community space and were excited to allude to that announcement through the addition of prominent city building outlines in the background.  The color choices were chosen to create a sense of positive vibrancy, along with the intention to cultivate a sense of hope and excitement. To complete the experience, we attended the fundraiser to additionally show our support for the organization and their mission and were proud to see our work displayed throughout the event.

Color Brave Fundraiser Dinner logo
Color Brave Fundraiser Dinner Illustration
Color Brave Fundraiser Dinner Illustration
Because Race Matters logo