In our vast digital age, anybody can make something beautiful, but beauty alone doesn’t convey value or communicate a message. In our life of cell phone cameras, Instagram, Hipstamatic, Photoshop, and all the apps, programs and photo filters, anyone with a functioning finger and a working eyeball can create a beautiful photo from time to time. But, digital beauty is only skin deep, successful brands have a personality. We don’t create Barbie brands from plastic surgery, bleached hair, spray tans and a hollow inside. We create beauty with character, in the style appropriate – its what’s on the inside that matters! We dig deeper, past the outer appearance and into the heart and minds of clients to expose the intrinsic qualities of a brand’s character. Our clients are encouraged to have a conversation and create a meaningful relationship with their customers – not a one-night stand. This takes creating a brand with character, a brand with good looks AND a personality, one that can evoke emotion: listen, laugh, learn and grow with their industry and the customers.

We are creative problem solvers. That might seem like a bold statement, but our experience goes far beyond conventional graphic design. For example, when Drew began Offbeat Press, it wasn’t because he dreamed of owning a screen-printing company or needed a new source of income. The creation of Offbeat Press was a solution to a vendor reliability problem. Progress Label was dealing with screen-printing companies that couldn’t deliver the combination of quality, reliability, and eco-conscious water-based that were requested and promised. After experiencing disappointing results from screen-printing shops on the West Coast, Drew helped fill a large untapped market opportunity at home in the Midwest. 8 months later, Offbeat Press was born in December of 2008 as the first full-service water-based and discharge manual screen printing in the Midwest. Offbeat Press now attracts a few thousand customers from across the country and a few dozen beyond our borders.

Graphic design is the most visible and beautiful part of our solutions, but our solutions have also involved: combining business ventures, re-structuring brands, marketing strategy, creating new business ventures, finding new markets, learning competitive advantages, creating marketing slogans, developing new products, streamlining internal systems, creating customer management systems, and marketing consulting. While strategic graphic design is the majority of our business, our creative problem solving skills are displayed on a variety of projects.

Logo design is another example of creative problem solving. Full Logo design is a unique process, where we evaluate hundreds of factors to create a single design that conveys complex ideas and clearly communicates an organization’s identity and personality. The end result is a simplified design with amplified results and a brand swagger that attracts potential customers and reflects the brand character.

We believe that logo solutions should be created with the goal of separating your organization or business from those that came before you and those that wish to take your customers from you. We want to create a logo identity that represents your venture with the personality that draws the attention of the customers you want. Your business identity is visible in nearly every aspect of your business including every communication with a customer or potential customer. Understanding this and understanding how to manage your brand personality is crucial in carrying your brand style across all aspects of your business and to position your business to attain the customers that you want. Your logo design can be awesome, but if it isn’t properly integrated into your brand’s complete marketing efforts it will loose effectiveness. We say this to educate our clients – not to convince you to hire us to design every facet of your business.

Regardless of the scope of the design project, we strive to create graphic solutions that go beyond the basics of ad layout. We combine your brand identity, with your advertising goals, the project guidelines, your customer’s needs, our experience, and a strategy that can meet the needs of the project and achieve the desired goals of the client. Even a basic ad layout or business card design shouldn’t be the result of many factors. The process may seem pretty complex, but in working with customers over a period of time, we develop a creative formula that’s calibrated for your organization’s identity.