The Energy Fair

  • The Energy Fair
  • The Energy Fair

The Midwest Renewable Energy Association puts on 2 grandiose summer events to celebrate renewable energy and sustainable living. The Energy Fair are huge fundraiser and community events that take place at the beginning of summer in central, rural Wisconsin and at the end of summer in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. The Energy Fair brings together tens of thousands each summer to educate, connect and empower people living and working in renewable energy and sustainable living.

For the Energy Fair logo design and branding we worked with the event marketing staff to create a logo that referenced the events deep history in Wisconsin and prepares it for the first annual event in Minnesota. Working with a young team for a non-profit putting on 2 events with a long history, brought a lot of puzzle pieces to the table. This project was a unique balance of education, creation, appeasement, and organization.

After creating the Energy Fair logo design, we created the brand identity for both the Wisconsin and Minnesota events. The event identity integrates the new logo design and had to carry the event identity across both events, while still making each event design unique enough to stand apart. Each event design references the landscape of the area as well as the time of the year. The Wisconsin event takes place in rural Wisconsin over the Summer Solstice weekend each year. The Minnesota event will take place on Harriet Island on the Mississippi River in St. Paul Minnesota near the fall solstice.

Each of the individual event identies has been applied to dozens of marketing materials individually and jointly, across websites, social media, print, mail, and more.