Sarah Lloyd for Congress

  • Sarah Lloyd for Congress

Sarah Lloyd is a dynamic woman that’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. As a farmer and Project Coordinator at the Wisconsin Farmers Union she’s dealt with real animals and the shoveled the shit that comes with farming. Sarah has represented Wisconsin within the department of Agriculture, served on the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, was elected and served on her county board, has worked with dozens of organizations and is working to unite a divisively rural district that has been represented by the most conservative man in United States Congress, Glen Grothman.

Sarah Lloyd approached us to create a logo that was professional, would appeal to both genders and all ages and would represent the difficult task of uniting a divisive rural district. Additionally, Sarah requested that our logo design incorporate a sunflower, a flower and symbol dear to her and her profession. We put together an S+L circular logo that has 2 lines coming together to form one and then placed it on the inside of a sunflower icon that met both her professional and personal requests. We carried her brand identity across various mediums in a beautiful and professional manner. Sarah didn’t make it to Congress in her first attempt, but you can learn more about her here: