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Respect Counseling is a great example of our creative problem solving in action. This is a very unique and intimate project for us as we were both a founding partner and investor in this business. The situation began as the therapist struggled with authority as an employee at another Counseling office. With clashes of employee and employer relations, we instigated the creation of Respect Counseling. We immediately became involved in nearly every aspect of ideation and building Respect Counseling. Our skills were put to work developing all areas of identity, design, strategy, marketing, copywriting, signage, website, all the way down to finding the right location, interior design, licensing, and creating scheduling and accounting systems that would be easily maintainable for the new business owner’s needs.

Our research of all local counseling and therapy offices showed poor marketing efforts and an impersonal, sterile and cold approach to marketing. Considering the struggles, issues, and trust needed for a successful client-therapist relationship, this was a huge opportunity to separate Respect and gain a solid client-base. We found a glaring opportunity and created Respect Counseling with a warm, trusting and inviting personality that would appeal to a natural, youthful and feminine market. The preferred clients were developing women ages 12-30 and young to middle-aged couples.

The initial business was opened only 10 days after we forced the idea into consideration. Within months Respect Counseling exploded in popularity partially due to the personalized brand that we built. Additionally we developed an effective strategy of creating online listings on well-established psychology websites – instantly allowing the new business to have an effective web presence. These listings easily put our business in front of the exact audience(s) seeking our services. Together with our unique brand perspective we had created a marketing plan that was specific to our audience, creative, and effective.

Within 2 months our partner was able to begin paying herself, within 5 months she had surpassed her previous employee salary, and in less than 7 months business startup costs were recovered, all investors were paid and Hawaiian vacation was scheduled. Our expertise were integral in creating this successful business. This business has changed directions and we are no longer affiliated with Respect Counseling in any way.