Planet Perk at the Grind

  • Planet Perk at the Grind

Planet Perk opened it’s second location in a historic building int he heart of Oshkosh. The Grind is a co-work space with a small coffee shop within that space. With this logo design, we wanted to rebrand the coffee shop for this space with a mix of modern and history. We began with a variety of logo sketches, most of which focussed around the historical nature of this new space, each with a modern twist.

In creating the Planet Perk logo we had to solve the issue of the owner’s wish to create a vintage logo design with a grinder for a newly modern space, combined with the small business name’s very subtle reference to the coffee products it sells. We created some designs explicitly in a vintage style incorporating various coffee grinders and we also explored other options, some of which were more obviously coffee related and some also include reference to the planetary element of the business name. In our version of the Planet Perk logo design, we combined the subtlety of coffee art with hand-drawn typography, a simple iconic globe and a mug outline. In the end the coffee shop owner chose the best option, the one that works excellently for his new location and will work equally well for his current location and future locations – all of which is the plan.