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We’ve had the pleasure of working with Laurie Marie Photography on a variety of problem-solving and design projects. In our most recent project we were tasked with the question of: how can we represent her wedding photography business and boudoir photography business comfortably under one brand? Previously Laurie Marie Photography had two brands, one for the wedding business and another for the boudoir business representing the photographers two primary styles of photography and subject matter. The style, market and approach of these two brands had differed substantially until now. The new brand was created as an extension of Laurie and the two branches of her photography: the LOVE of couples and the BEAUTY of women. In combining these branches under a single brand, money and resources were saved as there would no longer be a need for double the marketing materials. The goal was to create a stylish urban brand that could better attract customers from outside the Fox Valley, so more work could be achieved in metropolitan areas across the country. In determining the photographer’s style preference it was clear that no icons or conventional would be fitting for this brand. The hand-drawn black and white lettering of the logo paired with the clean simplicity of the marketing slogan create a blend of classy and classic, helping properly position the brand for the future it desires.